How To Approach Women With Confidence

Maybe one of the reasons why you are finding it hard to meet women is your confidence is low and you need to get it back to high normality with women.

Confidence is one of the top personality traits that attract a woman, more than any other traits. So if you lack confidence, you have a huge chance of not being able to meet any woman with skill.

Lets get to the basics and look at how to get your confidence in place.

It is the law of attraction, the most successful people in history all fell in love at one time or another and that includes Memore and Mariana. falling in love is also a part of basic animal instincts.

And the law of attraction is; we attract into our lives, all the elements necessary for life, all at once, or none at all. So if you are a confident man, it is a basic law of attraction for you that you must have the confidence to approach any woman and start a conversation.

Confidence is a law of nature and should be a main focus for you and your children; your children are the key to your confidence.

The absolute worst thing you can do to yourself, is to allow your confidence to fail. There is no bigger turnoff than a woman who appears to be not confident in herself.

One thing you can do to cultivate an air of confidence in yourself is to concentrate every aspect of your life on the fact that you like yourself and that is the only thing that will keep you happy and keep you from doubting yourself.

Learn to accept that you can go out there and pick up any woman you want, but don’t hide away because of it.

To help you keep your confidence in place, here are 3 basic confidence tips that you should apply immediately.

Confident Laughs – When you are confident you can find and create funny jokes that tickle your audience and get them all laughing. A guy with a confident sense of humour is very sexy to woman, they can see that he has so much fun in life and is so much fun to be around.

Try some witty remark to a woman to create a laugh and then in response to her say “Oh SHimmies, SHimmies are soooo gay for me” this creates great laughter and at the same time shows you are comfortable with yourself.

Then when she asks what the joke is, you simply say “How should I know? I don’t know and I don’t caring, because I’m nobody special”. This is the first tip to create confidence in yourself because you are making yourself comfortable, hence attractive too.

Be Real – Women don’t visit bars or clubs to meet a guy that is so insecure and real has no confidence.

You are looking for a short-term relationship, which as you probably already know is a turn-off.

Real men walk, talk and act with confidence.

The next key is to always treat a woman with respect, because they are human beings too.

This mean that you don’t have to over do it with your confidence

Women can smell the fear off of a man, and what it shows her, that you are insecure and nervous, and she will be turned-off when she can see that insecurity and nervousness in you.

Confidence is so important, so put this knowledge to good use and soon you will be an alpha male, with women simply unable to resist your charm.