Be Open To Friendships Becoming More

We have all seen romantic comedies and all of the various movie tropes associated with them, with some of us enjoying the movie tropes in earnest while others scoff at the general validity behind them. Now out of all of those “rom-com” movie tropes, the biggest one that is found in a large majority of romantic comedies is that of the protagonist eventually falling in love with their best friend. While most realize that this scenario isn’t always the case, and in fact rarely is, it would be disingenuous to dismiss the concept of friends who do fall in love over time.

Many people typically like to keep their potential dating pool separate from their friend’s circle. They will try to only date people that they do not know very well as of yet, and rely on their actual inner circle of friends to help set them up with someone from outside their own friend group. Or they will do the typical play of meeting people at bars or other public places and starting romantic relationships that way.

However, if you are only set on creating a legitimate romantic relationship in those ways, you are severely limiting the potential list of people you may be open to dating. The fact of the matter is that your friends are precisely that because they connect with you on a fundamental level. They have the same general interests as you, and laugh at the same things as you do. And overall, they get along with you very well. And although you may not want to admit it at first, these very qualities in a person are the exact same qualities that you would look for in a romantic partner.

This isn’t to say that you really are compatible with each and every one of your friends on a romantic level, especially considering that there needs to also be some level of physical attraction involved. What this does mean however is that there is perhaps potential in one or two of your friends that you may be missing if you aren’t looking out for it. In fact, they may have already caught on to the connection that the two of you share and are just hoping that you see the light too and the friendship can turn into something more.

Plenty of people argue that letting platonic friendships turn into romantic relationships can ruin the friendship if the relationship doesn’t pan out. But what I would say to that is that first of all, friends constantly come and go in your life, and there is no guarantee that they will stay friends with you in the long-run even if you were to maintain a purely platonic relationship. And second of all, finding real and genuine love is one of the hardest things in life to achieve, and if it means potentially sacrificing a friendship to find that love that will last a lifetime, then it is definitely worth doing. And if it is any consolation, if you and your friend were truly meant to remain friends in the long-run, even an attempted yet failed romantic relationship would not stand in the way of that.

In conclusion, if you are still in the process of looking for love, then perhaps you have been looking in all of the wrong places. Rather than look outside of your circle of friends for people to date, who may or may not be compatible on even the most fundamental level, instead look at the people you already know very well as potential romantic partners. After all, many people claim that their romantic partners are effectively their best friends, so it only makes sense to consider the possibility that one of your platonic friendships can be a whole lot more than what it currently is. If you are lucky, it may even be the start of a lifetime of happiness together as a full-fledged couple!